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Yeah, we were there

I don’t mean the manga, but us humans on the Moon, from 1961 through 1972. Of course we were, don’t you believe it? Well, someone still believes it was an hoax. It’s not the first time that LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) captures the images of the landers on the Moon, but this time LRO captured the sharpest images ever taken from space of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites. Awesome!

apollo 17 on the moon from LRO
(Resolution: 25 cm per pixel. Credit: NASA/Goddard/ASU. Click here for Full size)

It’s weird how 40 years ago men landed on the Moon, little more than a light-second from here; then there was the Space Shuttle flying near home (in low Earth orbits (LEO), between 160–2,000 km / 100–1,240 miles above the Earth’s surface), and since the final mission on 21st July 2011, we have troubles even to reach the orbit since Soyuz is grounded, for now.

Here is a great tribute that shows all the Space Shuttle mission in 8 minutes:

What is left of the space dream now? Automated missions, the old Soyuz and the controversial ISS. Besides many cut or postponed missions, there are hopes from private companies (SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years). In the meanwhile Blue Origin test vehicle has been lost during a test flight.

People are wondering if the first man on Mars will be Chinese.


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